Acquiring any size of data of any structure inside the organization and organize them in way it is needed to be.

Search & Discover

Helina allow the user to search and discover the value or file which they want from the bulk data or data sheet.


Helina make available an easy to use UI and APIs to figure queries to analyse data without having to know any programming skills and technology. It provides both batch and real time engine to analyse your data.


Helina set up a very easy way to generate charts out of bulk datasets, providing smooth ways for data size saving. For example, create a chart or a distribute plot from a table with billions of rows.


Open source

We are in love with open source. At murk, we only use standard Hadoop APIs, therefore the platform is extendible with any sort of particular algorithms to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Easy to integrate

Any user can take advantage of the REST APIs of the platform to integrate HELINA with their own tools. Organizing the API with a workflow management tool or using the ODBC/JDBC API to gather crunched data is just like a cake walk.


We realize the security worries that an organization may have about the administration and visibility of their data. Extends “Secured Hadoop” with RBAC and integrates with LDAP and Active Directory.


Helina runs on standard commodity hardware, it’s easy to install and scales horizontally as Hadoop does. In this way, it can be adapted to the growing amount of data your organization is generating.


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