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Web user spends $ 272,070 online shopping. Every day 1 billion search happens.Every minute 204,166,667 emails are being sent.


Trillions of sensor like GPS devices, bar code scanner,etc exist.They transmit, monitor, track and share with each other.


10 Billion connected devices are expected to be used by 2020.The mobile web gets 217 new users every minute.


A unified Big Data Application.Enabling enterprises to process large volume of data at a very high speed to derive actionable insights in a fraction of time and cost

Machine Learning

Data scientist and analyst friendly machine learning implementation to ignite your analysis without writing a line of program

Custom Analytics

Build custom analytics in JAVA or R without worrying about complexities of platform specific APIs


madMurk sets up a very easy way to helina data storage via JDBC/ODBC and visualize results

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